What is Deep House Cleaning?

Hotel service. Made making bed in room

Hotel service. Made making bed linen in room

So what is deep cleaning and why do we need to do it? These are some of the questions I'm getting asked by my clients.

Well, it's basically ‘cleaning' but way better than regular cleaning. What I mean by that is we'll get into deep cleaning specifics later, but let's get back to the main topic at hand. Why do we need to clean up?

Well think about your house and how you keep it clean. If you go in your house and walk through each room, what do you see? If you see clutter, you're right.

But if you see dirty, torn clothes, no fresh cut flowers, and no way to store groceries for you, you might not be seeing hard work from you or your family. That's a sad sight, isn't it?

The fact is that everything starts with cleanliness and I hope that you realize the importance of keeping your household's appearance up to snuff. So why do we have to do a deep cleaning?

Simple answer. It keeps you organized. So what you're doing is you're putting things in piles and then you're sorting them and putting them into a box or folder. So that's why you might ask, what is deep cleaning?

Okay, so now you've answered the question of ‘what is deep cleaning'. So what's the plan? Let's take a look at some of the issues we run into when cleaning up.

I hope you've enjoyed this little look at some of the details that come into play when it comes to cleaning our homes. Cleaning can be very important, and knowing what is deep cleaning can help you maintain your cleanliness while keeping things in their place.

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