1) Due to liability, our providers are only allowed to use their own cleaning supplies and products.

2) All cancellations must be submitted before 6pm CST the day before the actual booking to avoid the cancellation fee.

A cancellation fee of $75 will be charged and is non refundable. If it is charged and you wish to continue the booking or reschedule for another time, the charge will remain and the balance will be taken out on the day of your next scheduled booking.

3) If a cleaner is available for same day booking, an additional $30 fee is charged and if cancelled once booked, the $75 cancellation fee applies immediately upon cancellation.

4) As a courtesy, we offer a walk through of your property before our provider leaves the premise after each clean, to ensure the quality of work done.

Through this policy we are able to cater toward your satisfaction to guarantee our work. If work is not to your satisfaction, we will redo any areas that need to be re-cleaned while the cleaner is onsite. Please note that our cleaners are scheduled for other jobs and will not be able to wait for you to show up for the walk through.  You will need to be onsite before the cleaners leave.

5) We respect your time and we ask that you respect ours.  Please be onsite or make arrangements to let the cleaners in when they arrive.  If you are not onsite when our cleaners arrive, they will leave and the booking will be considered cancelled and any cancellation fees will be applied.  Thank You!

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