How Much Should I Charge to Clean a 3000 Sq Ft House?

Men and Women Maid performing Cleaning at homeThere are many different decisions to be made when deciding how much to charge to clean a house. What is the size of the house? How many rooms does it have?

The more rooms there are, the more rooms you need to be charging for maid service. This means if you are going to charge less than the others, you better have a large house to clean.

The rooms in the house will also determine how much you will charge for your Houston house cleaning. If the house has a kitchen, you must charge for the entire kitchen. If it only has one room and it is a bathroom you can charge accordingly.

A small bedroom with just a bed and a small wardrobe is just as good as a large bedroom with just a small bedroom and a wash stand. Some customers decide to have two rooms but the kitchen and bathroom. They pay for the extra rooms anyway, but you will get a higher estimate if they have a wash stand.

You can use this knowledge to try to get a few more customers by using a small bed and small bedroom in their estimate for the Houston house cleaning. I advise you to avoid doing this, but if you are going to do it, be sure to always include the actual size of the room in the estimate.

After you have looked at the room sizes, you must also consider the number of people in the house for whom you are going to hire a Houston house cleaning company. Sometimes your own employees will work faster or they may be working late and it is too late to get someone else to come in.

Other important factors that must be taken into consideration when determining what you should charge for the maid service include the time frame in which you are expecting the customers to come to your house. If you expect the cleaning company to come back every day for at least a week or two you should be charging a bit more than if you expect them to come back a week or so, but not too much more.

When you take all of these things into consideration when determining how much to charge for your maid service, you should be able to get a good estimate for the cleaning work that needs to be done. You can charge too little if you do not include the important factors and too much if you make the wrong assumptions.

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