Houston TexasHouston, Texas, is a huge metropolitan area in Texas, extending from west Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. It is closely associated with the Space Center Houston, an international space research center. The city boasts of many theaters, museums, spectacular natural sites and an energetic downtown lifestyle. The city also has a rapidly growing financial and cultural scene, which has attracted a number of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, night clubs, and residential homes cleaning services.

Unlike other Texas metropolises, Houston is not a victim of a widespread historic disaster. The city, however, has endured major hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires. Most areas in Houston have been hit by hurricanes or tornadoes at some point, though the downtown area is spared. Downtown Houston experiences no significant hurricanes or tornadoes during any part of the year. In fact, tropical storms may only produce light amounts of rain in the areas that suffer from them.

There are no major hurricanes or tornadoes in the Houston area, and the city has enjoyed a very stable climate. As a result, there are no major fluctuations in Houston housing prices. As a result of this, it is possible for people to purchase a home in the Houston area for a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere. Houstonians enjoy lower real estate taxes as well. As a result, property values have risen sharply in Houston. These benefits make Houston homes an affordable option for residents and buyers.

In addition to its solid economic status, Houston is a paradise for homeowners. The Houston real estate market features both urban and rural homes in every price range imaginable. Homeowners can locate neighborhoods that best suit their taste and lifestyle, whether they wish to live in a condominium or a row-home on the outskirts of town. Residents and buyers have an abundant selection of Houston homes that meet all their housing needs, such as: pet-friendly neighborhoods; easy access to shopping and dining; and easy access to public transportation. Residents of the Houston area are also able to reap the benefits of world-class sports and entertainment, thanks to some of the most attractive sports arenas and parks in the country.

Although Houston is one of the world's largest cities, many people find that there are many small and charming Houston neighborhoods that offer serene living. Homeowners in Houston neighborhoods like Washington Park, Third Ward, Idylwood, and Downtown Houston are just some of the residents who find that they can live a hassle-free life in these wonderfully chosen neighborhoods. These Houston neighborhoods are perfect for families and retirees alike, who love the way they are catered to by Houston's zoned, community-supporting, mixed-use city government.

The medical center that is the crown jewel of Houston's downtown real estate scene is located in the Houston Medical Center downtown. The hospital's many specialty departments and specialty hospitals are committed to providing state of the art care to all those who need it most. The hospital is one of the most comprehensive in the nation, and is home to some of the finest medical practices in the world. Many of the Houston medical centers are ranked among the top centers in the nation for cutting-edge technology, innovative research, and world-class treatment.

Rice University has been a great partner with the city of Houston since persuading it to build a huge medical center on the campus. Located in the Houston area, Rice University offers programs and degrees that are highly respected throughout the nation. In addition to its vast research arm, Rice University offers a number of dynamic residential campuses to residents of Houston who long for world class education and affordable, quality education. Rice University is the second largest campus in the State of Texas, and housing some thirty thousand students, it is by far the largest of any of the schools in the Houston area.

The Rice University campus is located in Houston's Third Ward, a historic enclave bustling with exciting happenings and great life. Third Ward is home to some of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods; areas such as Houston Heights, Downtown Houston and Chinatown. If you love Houston's rich history and want to escape the bustle of the big city, Third Ward Houston has something to offer you: historical homes and neighborhoods, some renovated, some not, rich in history and energy. Third Ward also offers an abundance of green space: nature trails, gardens, parks, and outdoor activities. It is a convenient location for both work and residence, and is close to Rice University and the Houston Museum of Art.

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